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    Tasir is a specialist in the manufacture of industrial mortar products. Its core product range consists of grout materials, decorative render , technical mortars and floor screeds. Tasir does not only sell products but the complete solution which includes the services that go with the products,technical support and training. Based on our strong knowledge and experience of the market, Tasir training programmes meet the needs of our customers, providing specifiers, developers and contractors with substantial support before, during and after contract periods.

      Tasir® product covers pressure slurry for prestressed tunnel, grouting agent, precision grouting material, high strength non-shrinkage joint filling material, self-leveling cement, cement-based permeable crystalline type waterproof material, waterproof mortar, repair mortar and other special use construction materials. They are widely used in highways, bridges, tunnels, large equipment foundations, track laying, steel structure installation and other projects.
      The main product of cementitious grout series has gained high reputation from china fluidity mortar industry and strategy cooperation relationship with Chinese high-speed railway bureau. The consistent performance of grout has high strength, shrinkage compensation, high-flow, ready- to- use, rapid hardening and many other customized characters. Under the leadership of the Academy of Sciences experts with more than 20 years of experience,our professional R&D department can formulate the suitable raw materials and ratio as per the application place and customer demand.

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Tasir®product has consistent performance of high strength, non-shrinkage, micro-expansion, non-segregation, auto-flow, self-tightness, corrosion protection and rapid hardening.

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