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YT-SNJ1 accelerator (powder)...

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YT-SNJ1 accelerator (powder)


product description:

YT-SNJ1 accelerator (powder) is made by calcining and grinding with aluminum oxide clinker as the main component. The main function is to adjust the concrete setting and hardening speed, which is used for jet concrete. Since the quick-setting admixture has its important characteristics, the concrete can be coagulated and hardened in a short time after being sprayed, and is a coagulant which accelerates the cement hydration reaction and significantly shortens the setting time. Other properties can meet various construction process requirements while maintaining various properties of cement concrete. It is an indispensable concrete admixture prop product for rush repair and build, anti-seepage, plugging, anchoring and so on.


Concrete accelerator

Product main performance:

The product implements the JC477-2005 "coagulant" standard, and all performance indicators meet the standard requirements.

1. According to the design requirements for the setting time, the suitable dosage can be used as a cocnrete set-controlling agent for various construction projects.

2.Good adaptability to cement, high viscosity, small rebound, little corrosive, late strength and one shot thickness are higher than other accelerators.

3. The initial and final setting time interval is short.

4. Little alkalinity, reduce the corrosiveness of human skin.

5. Under the appropriate dosage, the initial setting time of clear cement slurry is 1-5 minutes, and the final setting time is 5-10 minutes.

6. one day strength can be increased by 1 to 3 times.


accelerator,flash setting agent,quick setting admixture (3)

Technical indicators:

Test items

Performance indicators

Setting time(min)

Initial setting


Setting time(min)

Final setting


Colloidal mortar strengthMPa

1 day


Colloidal mortar strengthMPa

28 days



 accelerator,flash setting agent,quick setting admixture

Usage and precautions:

1. Recommended dosage: the dosage is 4.0% to 6.0% of the total weight of the binding material.

2. Mix the mixed concrete with the quick-setting admixture and quickly load it into the sprayer.

3. This product has the best effect on ordinary Portland cement. When first using or replacing cement varieties, concrete test should be done first to confirm the adaptability of cement and determine the optimum dosage.


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