Early Strength Polycarboxylic Acid Water Reducer

Early Strength Polycarboxylic Acid Water Reducer

YT-202 early strength polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducer...

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YT-202 early strength polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducer


Product Overview

YT-202 early strength polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent is a new generation environmentally friendly high performance polycarboxylate superplasticizer developed by our company. It overcomes the weakness of low water reduction poor slump protection performance of the previous early strength water reducing agent product and has good construction performance.

 Polycarboxylate water reducer (2)

Product main performance

The products mainly implement the GB8076-2008 "concrete admixture" standard and the Ministry of Railways TB10424-2010 "railway concrete engineering construction quality acceptance criteria", all performances meet the above standard requirements.

The product has wide adaptability to cement, and the strength development advantage at low temperature is obvious. Especially in winter,when the temperature is low, it has better low temperature strengthening effect. The mold can be demolished under normal temperature ucring in 1 day, and the strength can reach 100% of the design strength in 7 days. Under the same condition of water-to-binder ratio, the strength of 28 days is about 20% higher than that of ordinary water-reducing agent. It can be used for pipe pile maintenance construction ,pumping concrete and super-flow self-compacting concrete. This product is conductive to speed up the construction progress of the project, saving labor and capital occupation. The product does not contain harmful components such as sodium chloride and sodium sulfate, and does not corrode steel bars, extending the life of the project.


Technical indicators

Appearance: Colorless, light yellow or light brown transparent liquid

 Solid content (%): 20.0 ± 1.0

 Density (g/mL): 1.05±0.05

 Concrete water reduction rate (%): 25Polycarboxylate water reducer (4)


How to use and precautions

1. Recommended dosage: the dosage is 0.5% to 1.5% of the total weight of the cementitious material.

2. This product can be mixed into the concrete at the same time as the mixing water or incorporated into the concrete after water.

3. This product should not be mixed with any other type of admixture. When replacing the admixture, should carefully clean the tank.

4. When first using or replacing the cement type, the concrete test should be done first to confirm the adaptability of the cement and determine the optimum dosage.


Packaging and storage

1. 200kg / iron drum or 1000kg / plastic drum;

2. The shelf life of this product is six months. It should be covered to store and protected from the sun, rain and freezing.When exceed the expiration date ,product should be re-tested before use.

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