Slump-resistance Type Polycarboxylic Acid High Performance Water Reducing Agent

Slump-resistance Type Polycarboxylic Acid High Performance Water Reducing Agent

YT-102 slump-resistance type polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent (mother liquor)...

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YT-102 slump-resistance type polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent (mother liquor)


Product Overview

YT-102 slump-resistance type polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducer (mother liquor) is a new generation of environmentally friendly polycarboxylate high performance water-reducing agent developed by our company, which mainly adsorbs the main chain of the molecule on the surface of cement particles so that make the cement particles are surrounded by branch and the main chain of Superplasticizer , which acts as a steric hindrance. It has the effect of sustained release as well as reducing water.It is extremely beneficial to concrete with low slump and quick slump loss, which can greatly improve the plastic preservation effect of concrete.

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Product main performance

1.Excellent slump resistance: It can effectively inhibit the hydration reaction speed in the initial stage of cement hydration and in the induction period.

2. Sustained release: The water-preserving type water-reducing agent has the characteristics of low water-reducing rate in the early stage and high water-reducing rate in the late stage, and has excellent sustained-release dispersibility for cement.

3. High intensity growth rate: It has a high early strength growth rate. The use of this product does not affect the concrete setting time, and overcomes the shortcomings of slow development of early strength due to the use of too much retarding material.

4 Wide applicability: This product can be widely used in ordinary concrete, high-strength concrete, super-flow self-compacting concrete, high-strength high-performance concrete and other commercial concrete. Especially for low slump loss requirements concrete(nuclear power, bridges, railways ,etc.) ,it can effectively control the gradual loss and maintain the good pumpability of concrete in the required time.


Technical indicators

Appearance: colorless, light yellow or light brown transparent liquid

 Solid content (%): 45.0±1.0

 Density (g/mL): 1.05±0.05

 Concrete water reduction rate (%): 25

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How to use and precautions

1. Recommended dosage: The dosage is 0.2% to 0.6% of the total weight of the cementitious material.

2. This product can be mixed into the concrete at the same time as the mixing water or incorporated into the concrete after water.

3. This product should not be mixed with any other type of admixture. When replacing the admixture, should clean the tank carefully.

4. When first use or replace the cement type, the concrete test should be done first to confirm the adaptability of the cement and determine the optimum dosage.

5. This product should not be compounded with Naphthalene type water reducing agent and sulfonic acid type water reducing agent. When used with other admixtures (such as retarders, rust inhibitors, etc.), the concrete compatibility test should be carried out in advance.


Packaging and storage

1. 200kg / iron drum or 1000kg / plastic drum;

2. This product should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, valid for eight months. Retested should be adopted before use if exceed the expiration date .

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Service and consulting

The company can send professional and technical personnel to introduce the product use methods and precautions. When there are special needs, the company can send experts to provide technical consultation and technical services, and provide concrete construction suggestions and on-site technical guidance as needed.

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