Fast-set Polyester Resin Compound for Anchoring and Fixing

Fast-set polyester resin compound for anchoring and fixing About this product Anchor grout is a three-component polyester resin and special catalysed filler that has been developed for anchoring and fixing. The pourable grout is suited for pouring into holes for anchors in floors and slabs.......

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Fast-set polyester resin compound for anchoring and fixing


About this product

Anchor grout is a three-component polyester resin and special catalysed filler that has been developed for anchoring and fixing. The pourable grout is suited for pouring into holes for anchors in floors and slabs. anchor grout rapid is available for cold weather working.

Conforms with BS EN 1504-6.

Technical data

The following test results were obtained in laboratory conditions at 20°C. 
Compressive strength1 hour80 N/mm2
4 hours95 N/mm2
24 hours110 N/mm2

Approximate time to initial set

Ambient temperatureStandard gradeRapid grade
0°C40 – 45 minutes
5°C25 – 30 minutes
7°CDo not use below 10°C22 – 27 minutes
10°C55 minutes17 – 22 minutes
15°C45 minutes12 – 16 minutes
20°C30 minutesDo not use above 17°C
25°C20 minutes
30°C15 minutes
Initial set times are dependent on ambient temperature. The exothermic reaction of the grout components is also influenced by the bulk of material mixed at any one time.

To avoid wastage do not mix more material than can realistically be used within the setting times above. For ambient temperatures above 25°C, contact Weber Technical Services.


● Vertical anchorage of bolts and fixings to building and civil engineering work

● Fixings to concrete structures

● Anchor dowel bars to pavements and slabs

Features and benefits

▲ Fast setting action with rapid strength gain allows loads to be applied within 2 hours

▲ Easy to mix and place

▲ Fixing cannot be vibrated out

▲ Economical fixing compared with mechanical fixings

▲ Stronger than concrete in one hour

▲ Part mixing of  anchor grout allows flexibility of use and no wastage of material

▲ Versatile material with fixings to concrete, brickwork and stone


Anchoring with anchor grout is primarily dependent on mechanical interlock and not adhesive bond.

The following points should therefore be observed:

1.Create a rough sided dry hole, preferably by rotary percussive drilling. If diamond drilled holes have been made these must be under-reamed or roughened and all dust removed.

2.Use fixings such as deformed bars, threaded bars or bolts which have been degreased and are completely free of rust.

3.Drill holes which are in the range 4–12 mm greater in diameter than the diameter of the bolt or bar. If other dimensions are encountered seek advice from Tasir Technical Services.

4.Ensure a dust-free and dry hole before using anchor grout.



Pour the resin into a clean plastic or other suitable container and gradually add the small bag containing hardener. Mix thoroughly. Now add the large bag containing filler and mix until a uniform colour and consistency is achieved. Small quantities can be mixed by hand using a spatula. Large quantities should be mixed mechanically.


When using anchor grout, simply pour the mixed grout into the hole and insert the bolt or bar into the void with a twisting action.

To avoid excess displacement of grout, and therefore wastage, estimate the quantity per hole in advance. This can be done by referring to the table below.

Strength development

The ultimate strength of the fixing is determined by the following parameters:

1.Tensile strength of bar.

2.Anchorage bond strength of grout/bar interface.

3.Shear bond strength of the grout.

4.Shear bond strength of concrete.

5.Concrete cone pull-out failure, i.e. shear strength of concrete and spacing.

With good installation, after a 2 hour curing the anchorage will fully sustain its design load at 20°C, provided the anchorage has been designed correctly with sufficient anchorage depth.

The relationship between pull-out and anchorage depth is expressed by the simplistic rule:

10 kN pull-out force for every 25 mm depth. This rule applies up to depths of 250 mm and the first 50 mm of concrete depth should be ignored due to the possibility of micro cracks in the concrete surface due to the drilling operation.

Ultimate pull-out loads should be verified on site with proof load tests to validate the engineer’s design calculations.


Webertec anchor grout is available in 14.3 kg buckets.


Yield is approximately 6.75 litres.

Volume estimating table relative to bolt and hole diameter

Figures shown are volume of grout in ml per 100 mm depth of hole.

Hole dia.

Bolt diameter mm

121620 2532384551





3829 18



















NB: The figures given are actual quantity per hole. No allowance has been made for wastage.


Storage and shelf life

Shelf life is in excess of 12 months when stored in cool dry conditions.

Health and safety

For further information, please request the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

Technical services

Weber’s Customer Services Department has a team of experienced advisors available to provide on-site advice both at the specification stage and during application. Detailed specifications can be provided for specific projects or more general works. Site visits and on-site demonstrations can be arranged on request.

Sales enquiries

Weber products are distributed throughout the UK through selected stockists and distributors. Please contact the relevant Customer Services Team below for all product orders and enquiries.

Technical helpline:

Tel: +86-13103917746



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To the best of our knowledge and belief, this information is true and accurate, but as conditions of use and any labour involved are beyond our control, the end user must  satisfy himself by prior testing that the product is suitable for his specific application, and no responsibility can be accepted, or any warranty given by our Representatives, Agents or Distributors.

Products are sold subject to our Standard Conditions of Sale and the end user should ensure that he has consulted our latest literature.

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