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Super Fluidity Grouting Material

Super Fluidity Grouting Material

High flowable non-shrink grout, super fluidity grouting material ,fast self-leveling void filling mortar...

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Product Description

Product Application

Due to the super high fluidity Of CGM-340 SUPERFLUID NON SHRINKAGE GROUTING MATERIAL, this product is commonly used in petrochemical equipment and power plant equipment foundation, especially suitable for equipment foundation with small section and large depth or civil construction grouting. (Note: This product is suitable for the technical standard of ultra-fine grouting material )

Test Item
Cementitious grout
Technical code for application of cementitious grout
Compressive strength(Mpa)
Initial value
30min retention value
Vertical expansion rate%
Expansion difference value between 3h and 24h
Rebar grip strength (round steel)/MPa
Corrosive effect on steel bars
Bleeding rate%

Main Features

1) CGM-340 is composted of special cementitious material, selected ultra-fine sand aggregates and additives with high fluidity, micro-expansion and anti-segregation.

2) This product has the characters of super high fluidity, micro-expansion, self-flow, vibration-free, non-toxic, harmless, non-aging, no pollution to water and surrounding environment, good self-tightness, anti-rust and so on.

3)Dosage: Add water: 13%-15% 
4)Packing: 25kg/bag , moisture-proof package
5)Usage amount: 2300KG/m3 (theoretical value) 
6)Storage: It can be stored for 6 months and directly use under the condition of dry sealed bag. If store time is longer than 6 months, need test before use.
7)Durability: Strength does not change significantly after 200 fatigue tests and 50 freeze-thaw cycles test .

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Fluidity test chart

Mix and stir the grout 

1. Stir with a planetary cement mortar mixer, and wipe the stirring pot and stirring blade with a damp cloth beforehand; 

2.Pour the equipment foundation grout into the stirring pot, start stirring, add the metered mixing water in 10s (recommended water ratio 12.5%), and end the stirring for 240s according to the fixed procedure of cement mortar mixer;

Prepare tools and experiment bench 

1.Pre-cleaned the glass plate and the inner wall of the mold with a damp cloth ,then place the mold in center of the glass plate, and quickly poured the stirred grout into the mold. 

2.Prepare a metal truncated cone circular mold with smooth inner wall. The inner diameter of the mold lower mouth is 100±0.5mm, the inner diameter of the mold upper mouth is 70±0.5mm, and the height is 60±0.5mm;
3.Prepare a more than 500mm × 500mm glass plate and place it on the horizontal test bench;

Initial fluidity test and record data 

1.Lift the mold slowly, let the grouting material flows freely until it stops without disturbance. Then measure the surface maximum diffusion diameter and its perpendicular diameter with a caliper. After that ,calculate the average value as the initial value of fluidity and round the test result up to 1mm. 

2.Record the data.The initial value of the fluidity test shall be completed within 5 minutes from the start of the agitation to the end of the measurement;

30 minutes retention fluidity test.

1.After the initial value of the fluidity is measured, quickly fill the equipment base grout into the stirring pot, and cover the stirring pot with a damp cloth to prevent evaporation of water;
2. 30 minutes after the initial measurement of fluidity is completed, re-mix the equipment foundation grout in the stirring pot according to the fixing procedure of the mixer for 240s, then carry out the third and fourth clauses in A.0.1, and measure the fluidity value as the 30min retention fluidity . Keep values and record data.

Packing & Delivery
280(L) * 140 (W) * 430 (H)
Net Weight
Package Size/Way
The grouting material is packed in small or big bags.There are two sizes for the package:
1. There are two sizes for small bag ,one is 50kg /bag ,the other is 25kg/bag.
2. The big bag is 1 ton/bag. (Inside the big ton bag,we will use PE film to pack the inside small bags for moisture protection.)
860(L) * 840 (W) * 980 (H)
Net Weight
1 Ton/bag
Package material
1.The normal material is PP/Acrylic resin valve bag .
2. The high standard package material is PE film liner fraft paper moisture prevent bag .
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