Bridge Rocker Bearing Grout

Bridge Rocker Bearing Grout

Bridge rocker bearing grout, Basin rubber bearing grouting material for bridge engineering project , Bearing bonding adhesive...

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Product Description

TS-068G GROUTING MATERIAL FOR BRIDGE ROCKER BEARING is a modified high-performance and cement-based grouting material,which uses a varieties of organic and inorganic additives.

It has the characteristics of early strength, high strength, no shrinkage and good durability, meantime it overcomes the defects of traditional mortar, such as unevenness, easy cracking, peeling, powdering.etc.

The product has good construction performance of self-flow leveling, long operation time and smooth surface after completion, fully meets the requirements of the Temporary Technical Conditions for Basin Rubber Bearings of Passenger Dedicated Railway Bridge.

Scope of application:

Suitable for emergency repair, anchorage of pedestals, secondary grouting of anchor bolts, bases of large-scale equipment and precision equipment, consolidation of steel structure and concrete , secondary reinforcement of beams and columns, etc. Especially the bridge rocker bearing grouting of high-speed railway ,expressway and passenger transport line.This product performance indicators meet the technical requirements of the Temporary Technical Conditions for the Rubber Basin Bearings of Passenger-Special Railway Bridge and the Temporary Technical Conditions for the Cylindrical Steel Bearings of Passenger-Special Railway Bridge .

Test Item
Requirements of the Temporary Technical Conditions for Basin Rubber Bearings of Passenger Dedicated Railway Bridge
Test result of TS-068G
Compressive strength(MPa)
No reduce 
No reduce 
Flexural strength(MPa)
Elastic Modulus(Gpa)
Vertical expansion rate(%)
Bleeding rate(%)
No bleeding


1.First roughen the base surface , remove dust, oil and other dirt which are not conducive to bonding;Then repair defects such as cracks and install a template for grouting;And then wet the surface of the bearing pad with water until saturated, but make sure no open water left during construction.
2. Install the basin rubber bearing in place, wedge the steel wedges into the four corners of the support, level the support and adjust it to the design elevation,and reserve 20~30mm gap between the bearing base and bearing pad for grouting..
3. Calculate the powder and water consumption amount according to the total constructio area or the construction area per unit time. Ensure each time amount of mixing mortar be completed before the mortar loses fluidity.
4.  The slurry should be prepared as per the weight ratio of powder: water = 1:0.14 . First add water to the mixing tank and gradually add weighed grouting material, stirring with an electric mixer while feeding till all the powder is completed , then continue to stir for 3~ 4 minutes to make the slurry uniform.
5. Pour the mixed slurry on the treated base surface and let it level. Then adopt gravity grouting way to infuse the bottom of support and the gap of anchor hole.The infusion should be carried out from the center of the support to the surrounding area and stop it until the grouting material is full viewed from the gap between the formwork and the support base.
6. The leveling should be completed within the applicable construction time and the machine should be rinsed off with water once after construction . 
7.After the grouting material final setting , remove the template and steel wedge. Then check whether there is any leakage and fill the space as the result of wedge drawn out and the leakage . And then tighten the anchor bolt of the lower support plate.
8. After cast concrete of the beam body , remove the connected steel plate between the upper and lower supports in time and install the steel coaming plate of the bearing.
9. The construction time should be determined as per the ambient temperature. For example, if temperature is 20 °C ,it is better to finish construction within 30 minutes after complete stirring.

Main Features

1)Micro-expansion performance :This product ensures the firm bonding of the slurry and the grouting part so that the load can be effectively transmitted to the foundation. 
2)High flow performance: TS-068G has a great fluidity and slurry can flow to various parts wherever grouting is required without external force. 
3)Good workability: TS-068G not only has a great fluidity but also keeps it for a long time. It has advantages of good cohesion, no stratification and segregation, and no bleeding. 
4)High strength: 28 days compressive strength ≥ 50, late strength is high and has no shrinkage. 
5)Low and negative temperature construction performance: The strength is greatly increased at low and even negative temperature, which effectively solves the winter construction problems .
6)Good durability :The strength has no significant change after 2 million fatigue test and 50 freeze-thaw cycles test ; 
7)Good performance in impermeability, frost resistance and corrosion resistance. It does not contain chloride so that has no rusting effect on equipment and steel bars.

Detailed Images

Labratory test 

Test Name: Initial liquidity value

Test process:

1.Lift the mold slowly, let the grouting material flows freely until it stops without disturbance. 

2.Measure the surface maximum diffusion diameter and its perpendicular diameter with a caliper. 

3.Calculate the average value as the initial value of fluidity. 
4.Round the test result up to 1mm and record the data;

Laboratory Test

Name: Standard curing test block

1.When the test piece is in the age of the test piece, take out the test piece from the self-supporting room and test it as soon as possible to avoid the humidity change.
2.Take out the test piece and check its size and shape. The opposite sides should be parallel. Measure the length of the edge to the nearest 1mm.

30 minutes retention fluidity test

1.After the initial value of the fluidity is measured, quickly fill the equipment base grout into the stirring pot, and cover the stirring pot with a damp cloth to prevent evaporation of water;

2. 30 minutes after the initial measurement of fluidity is completed, re-mix the equipment foundation grout in the stirring pot according to the fixing procedure of the mixer for 240s, then carry out the third and fourth clauses in A.0.1, and measure the fluidity value as the 30min retention fluidity . Keep values and record data.

Experiment process

Process Name: Mixing grout
Tools: Planetary cement mortar mixer
Process step:

1.Stir with a planetary cement mortar mixer, and wipe the stirring pot and stirring blade with a damp cloth beforehand;

2. Pour the equipment foundation grout into the stirring pot, start stirring, add the metered mixing water in 10s (recommended water ratio 12.5%).
3. keep mixing for 240s according to the fixed procedure of cement mortar mixer and then stop the machine.
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Packing & Delivery
280(L) * 140 (W) * 430 (H)
Net weight 
 Package Size& packing Way
The grouting material is packed in small or big bags.There are two sizes for the package:

1. There are two sizes for small bag ,one is 50kg /bag ,the other is 25kg/bag.

2. The big bag is 1 ton/bag. (Inside the big ton bag,we will use PE film to pack the inside small bags for moisture protection.)
860(L) * 840 (W) * 980 (H)
1 Ton/bag

Package material
1.The normal material is PP/Acrylic resin valve bag .

2. The high standard package material is PE film liner fraft paper moisture prevent bag .

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