Concrete Fast Setting Agent

Concrete Fast Setting Agent

Concrete fast setting agent , mortar rapid harden mixture ,cement accelerator...

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is a kind of powder addictive of concrete and mortar which can help cement rapid hardening and quick-setting . The cement blended with suitable amount of accelerator can gain high early strength and increasing later strength and keep other properties of cement. TS-N021 Accelerator is an indispensable additive in shotcrete construction ,it can meet the special construction requirements of urgent repair and concrete rapid-hardening in underground roadway project. 

Product features:
The accelerator is the auxiliary product used in concrete and mortar wet shotcrete construction, it has the advantages of

1)little dust and no pollution to water and surrounding environment; 
2low rebound rate, good workablility ; 
3)high strength and no shrinkage;
4)small expansion and auto-flow;
5)non - toxic and harmless; 
6)free of vibration and non - aging ;

7)good self - tightness and rust prevention

Product Introduction

Scope of application:

TS - N021 accelerator is widely used in shotcrete and mortar engineering . It can be used for underground engineering in departments of the defense, railway, metallurgy, coal, hydropower and lining support of tunnel ,rock and mine excavation. Compared to the ordinary concrete casting way, shotcrete can speed up construction progress and reduce engineering costs.

Package and storage:
The product net weight of each bag is 25kg and product should be kept in a cool, dry and ventilated indoor place.

Revamp of Storm Drain
Project was completed on an extremely active highway corridor without interruption to public travel.

 Shotcrete lining of Culvert tunnel

Project completed on a fast track schedule to minimize bypass pumping and flow control.


1.The proper blended dosage shall be determined during consturction.(Usually 4-6% of the cement weight) . Usually ,there are two ways to blend the accelerator in the shotcrete: The first  is to dry premix the accelerator with cement, sand and gravel and then transport the mixture to the ejector for the following injection.The second is to evenly put the accelerator on the feeding belt together with the mixture into ejector bucket into or directly evenly pour the accelerator into the ejector for injection.In case of the accelerator absorbs the moisture in the aggregate and in advance get coagulated to affect the engineering quality,make the intervals as short as possible 

2.Be alert not to add the accelerator when the mixture is stirring since gravel and sand contain much moisture and the accelerator would absorb water and decompose its quick-setting component in short time ,which not only affects the setting time but also reduce the concrete strength .The dosage should be tested and finalized before large-scale use since different project usually adopts different class cement. 

3. Do not use the expired cement and unqualified cement.

4.The coagulant should be properly stored to prevent the agglomeration and failure from dampness . 

5.Pay attention to the early maintenance and spray enough water to ensure the late strength. 

6.Strictly control the water-cement ratio and increase the amount of accelerator in project of water seepage and leakage.

Product Parameters
Index / Product 
Moisture content
Initial setting
Final setting
1d Compressive Strength /MPa
28d Compressive strength ratio/%
Performance index: JC/477-2005 Speeding agent for shotcrete
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Grouting process: 

1.1 Before injecting the slurry into the beam duct, first turn on the grouting pump and discharge a small amount of slurry from the grouting nozzle to remove the air, water and thin slurry inside the grouting pipe. After the fluidity of discharged slurry and the fluidity of the slurry in the stirring tank keep same, then start pressuring slurry into the duct.

1.2For the curved and the vertical duct , slurry should enter from the lowest point of grouting hole into the duct ; For the ducts of components or structure which are made in the upper and lower layers , slurry should be grouted from the lower layer to the upper layer . The grouting of the same duct should be carried out slowly ,evenly ,continuously and in one time. Open and close all the air outlet holes at the highest points one by one to make the air in the dust can exhaust without obstacle.

1.3 The slurry should be continuously stirring before use and during the injection process and the duration time from complete the slurry mixing to start the injection should not exceed 40 minutes. For the slurry with reduced fluidity due to delay, it is forbidden to try to add water to increase the fluidity and the slurry must be discarded.

1.4 For the horizontal or curved ducts, the injection pressure should be 0.5-0.7 MPa; For the ultra-long ducts, the maximum pressure should not exceed 1.0 MPa; For the vertical ducts, the pressure should be 0.3-0.4 MPa. Check the filling degree of the slurry , make sure the duct outlet is full of slurry and the fluidity of exhaust slurry is same with the specified fluidity, then close the slurry outlet and hold for another 3 ~5 minutes under the stable pressure of more than 0.5 MPa.

Product Packing
Main Products

Mid. Order: 1 Ton , 

FOB Price: US $ 630/Ton

Mid. Order: 1 Ton more ,

FOB Price: US $ 310/Ton


Mid. Order: 1 Ton more ,
FOB Price: US $ 1165/Ton


Mid. Order: 1 Ton more ,
FOB Price: US $ 500/Ton


Mid. Order: 1 Ton more ,
FOB Price: US $ 250/Ton

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