Fence Wall Baseplate Filling Mortar

Fence Wall Baseplate Filling Mortar

Bridge wind barrier fence gravitational mortar, highway sound barrier wall gravitry grout mortar,pole baseplate filling mortar...

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Product Description

TS-068C RAVITATIONAL MORTAR is a rapid filling mortar of wind and sound barrier ,which is developed according to the installation of the bridge deck accessory project of the passenger dedicated line.It is easy to use, convenient to operate, fast and automatic leveling by gravity infusion way, speeding up the construction progress and improving the anti-fatigue performance of the wind barrier.Gravity mortar has strong adaptability and can be applied at both high and low temperature,especially low temperature.TS-068C has good antifreeze performance and can be used under the condition of -10℃ ~ 15 ℃ and keep good early and post strength.

The main features

1.After grouting, the product's high early strength makes the requirement of adding torque can be completed within a short time so that the barrier panel can be installed as soon as possible to speed up the construction progress;
2. Non-shrinkage and late strength decrease; High fluidity; self-compacting; Strong durability; Good frost and chemical corrosion resistance;
3.This product is convenient for construction ,just need add water and stir evenly . It can be operated at negative temperature and the strength still increase continuously .

Test Item
Technical requirements (summer)
Technical requirements (winter)
Maximum aggregate size( mm )
4.75 mm square hole sieve residue
Fluidity (mm)
Initial value
Fluidity retention value
Compressive strength(MPa)
1 day Vertical expansion rate(%)
Bleeding rate(%)
Chloride ion content
28 days frost resistance
No abnormal appearance, peeling amount≤1000g/㎡


1. First prepare mixing equipment, templates and maintenance supplies.Then clean the construction site and fully wet it in advance but make sure there is no water accumulation.
2. Support the template and seal the template joint with plastic tape in case of slurry leakage.
3. Add water and stir with a small hand-held electric mixer for 2 ~4 minutes as per the water-to-binder ratio of 0.16±0.01.
4.Let the evenly stirred slurry stand for 1~2 minutes until the bubbles are basically disappeared then infuse . The grouting height should exceed 5~10mm of the steel plate bottom. If the slurry leaks from side block template, it is necessary to replenish the slurry in time in case of underfill.
5. Grout the evenly mixed mortar into the construction site from one direction until the construction surface is full. If necessary, use bamboo strips or steel brazing for diversion and properly vibrate or gently tap the template.
6.After the initial setting and before final setting,the construction surface should be pressed smooth and carry out the heat conservation after the final setting .
7. It is strictly forbidden to mix any admixture into the product in case of any quality problem leading by.

Main application:

1.Install and fill the steel base plate of wind barrier;
2.Install and fill the steel base plate of sound barrier;
3.Install and fill the steel base plate of electric pole.

1.After summer construction ,the minimum materials temperature should be kept above 5 °C within 24 hours; After winter construction, the minimum materials temperature should not be lower than -15 °C;

2. The slurry temperature is 5-7 °C and the curing temperature within 24 hours is -10±1 °C in winter laboratory test . Before test, the test mould is keptmore than 12 hours at the curing temperature .
3. The fluidity retention time is counted from the timing of adding water.
4. Execution standard: QB/ZBJC002-2010 Gravity Mortar.

Detailed Images

Labratory test 

Test Name: Initial liquidity value

Test process:

1.Lift the mold slowly, let the grouting material flows freely until it stops without disturbance. 

2.Measure the surface maximum diffusion diameter and its perpendicular diameter with a caliper. 

3.Calculate the average value as the initial value of fluidity. 
4.Round the test result up to 1mm and record the data;

Laboratory Test

Name: Standard curing test block

1.When the test piece is in the age of the test piece, take out the test piece from the self-supporting room and test it as soon as possible to avoid the humidity change.
2.Take out the test piece and check its size and shape. The opposite sides should be parallel. Measure the length of the edge to the nearest 1mm.

30 minutes retention fluidity test

1.After the initial value of the fluidity is measured, quickly fill the equipment base grout into the stirring pot, and cover the stirring pot with a damp cloth to prevent evaporation of water;

2. 30 minutes after the initial measurement of fluidity is completed, re-mix the equipment foundation grout in the stirring pot according to the fixing procedure of the mixer for 240s, then carry out the third and fourth clauses in A.0.1, and measure the fluidity value as the 30min retention fluidity . Keep values and record data.

Experiment process

Process Name: Mixing grout
Tools: Planetary cement mortar mixer
Process step:

1.Stir with a planetary cement mortar mixer, and wipe the stirring pot and stirring blade with a damp cloth beforehand;

2. Pour the equipment foundation grout into the stirring pot, start stirring, add the metered mixing water in 10s (recommended water ratio 12.5%).
3. keep mixing for 240s according to the fixed procedure of cement mortar mixer and then stop the machine.
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Packing & Delivery
280(L) * 140 (W) * 430 (H)
Net weight 
 Package Size& packing Way
The grouting material is packed in small or big bags.There are two sizes for the package:

1. There are two sizes for small bag ,one is 50kg /bag ,the other is 25kg/bag.

2. The big bag is 1 ton/bag. (Inside the big ton bag,we will use PE film to pack the inside small bags for moisture protection.)
860(L) * 840 (W) * 980 (H)
1 Ton/bag

Package material
1.The normal material is PP/Acrylic resin valve bag .

2. The high standard package material is PE film liner fraft paper moisture prevent bag .

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