• Non-toxic Crystal Glue

    This product uses pure natural plant starch as raw material, adopts environmental protection technology and super strong bonding formula. It is developed for various wallpapers and wall coverings...
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  • Water Repellent Admixture

    TS-F008 water repellent admixture TS-F008 concrete water repellent admixture significantly improves the anti-seepage and waterproof function of concrete. The impermeability grade can reach above...
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  • waterproofing mortar admixture

    TS-F008 waterproofing agent TS-F008 concrete waterproofing agent significantly improves the anti-seepage and waterproof function of concrete. The impermeability grade can reach above P25, and it...
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  • Ground Solid

    DGG ground solid is a kind of water-based paint specially applied to the surface of cement base. It is suitable for the sealing treatment of cement floor in the initial stage of home decoration or...
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  • Easy Screed

    DGG200 easy screed is a self-developed mortar for floor leveling. It can not be used for neutralization of concrete. The ordinary mortar can not be thick. The high fluidity makes it have superior...
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  • Interface Agent

    T his is an interface agent specially designed for self-leveling cement. It is polymer emulsion used for pre-construction treatment of the base surface and improve its physical properties .It can...
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  • Cushion Self-leveling Cement

    D100 Cushion self-leveling cement is a kind of leveling cementitious mortar ,which is dedicated to resilient floor mat before finishing such as PVC floor , plastic sheet and carpet. Performance...
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  • Surface Self-leveling Cement

    M100 self-leveling cement is a kind of fine inorganic special hydraulic composite composed of polymer latex powder, fine aggregate, high alumina cement, inorganic pigment, filler and additives. It...
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  • Flexible Waterproof Material

    Js flexible waterproof coating is a eco-friendly waterproof coating composed of polymer emulsion, ultra-fine quartz sand, cement and other additives. It has advantages of good construction...
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  • Cement-based Permeable Crystalline Waterproof Material

    T11 cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof material is a light gray powder which is made of inorganic base stocks such as ordinary Portland cement, quartz sand, penetrant powder and crystal...
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  • High-strength Tile Adhesive

    Tile adhesives are new materials for modern house decoration. It is mainly used for affixing decorative materials such as wall tiles, floor tiles, etc. It is widely used in the decoration of...
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  • Wall-solid Interface Agent

    DGG wall-solid interface agent is a polymer emulsion synthetic colloid, which does not contain any harmful substances and mainly enhances the penetration of the base layer. It is suitable for...
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