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Non-shrinkage grouting formula
Sep 13, 2018

1. The composition of the grouting material mainly has the following parts: gelling material, swelling component, early strength component, water reducing component, thickening water retention component, aggregate;

2. Cementitious materials: cement (porter cement, aluminate cement, sulphoaluminate cement, etc.), fly ash, mineral powder, micro silicon powder, etc.;

3. Expanding components: gypsum, calcium sulphoaluminate, calcium oxide, calcium sulphoaluminate calcium oxide (ECSA);

4. Early strength components: various early strength agents such as sodium sulfate, lithium chloride, and lithium carbonate;

5. Water-reducing components: high-efficiency water reducing agent such as naphthalene water reducing agent, melamine water reducing agent and polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent;

6. Thickening and water-retaining components: low viscosity cellulose ether, dispersible polymer powder, etc.;

7. Aggregate: river sand, mountain sand, mechanism sand, etc.

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