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The difference between grouting and concrete
Sep 13, 2018

The grouting material is made of high-strength material as aggregate and cement as binder, supplemented by high fluid state, micro-expansion, anti-segregation and other materials. It adds a certain amount of water at the construction site and can be used after mixing. The grout has good self-flowing property, early strength, high strength, no shrinkage, micro-expansion; non-toxic, harmless, non-aging, no water quality and surrounding environment. Pollution, self-tightness, rust and other characteristics.

Concrete is a general term for engineering composite materials in which aggregates are cemented into a whole. The term concrete refers to the use of cement as cementitious materials, sand and stone as aggregates; and water (which may contain admixtures and Cement admixture, which is blended according to a certain ratio, is also called ordinary concrete, which is widely used in civil engineering.

Grouting slurry is widely used in equipment foundation secondary grouting, anchor bolt anchoring and beam and column reinforcement engineering. Due to its own fluidity, early strength and high strength, it can achieve the construction effect that concrete can not reach, and has a good market prospect.

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