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Waterproof mortar product overview
Sep 13, 2018

Waterproof mortar has good weather resistance, durability, impermeability, compactness and high adhesion, as well as strong waterproof and anticorrosive effect. It can resist the production of soda ash, urea, ammonium nitrate, seawater hydrochloric acid and acid-alkaline salt. It is compounded with sand ordinary cement and special cement to form cement mortar. It is cast or sprayed by blending cement mortar, and the method of manual application forms on concrete and surface. The sturdy waterproof and anti-corrosion mortar layer is a tough and waterproof anti-corrosive material. It can be modified with cement and sand to modify the mortar. It can be used for the treatment of building walls and floors and the waterproof layer of underground engineering.

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