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High-strength Non-shrinkage Grouting
Sep 13, 2018

For places with relatively large thickness, the high-strength non-shrinkage grout should be layered and poured. After the first layer is poured, it should be ensured that the lower-layer reinforcement grout does not reach the second pour before the initial setting.

Grouting should be poured from one end to the other end. The pouring speed should not be too fast, avoiding the entrapment of more air, affecting the appearance quality of the reinforced grout. In the later stage of pouring, the pouring height of the reinforced grout should be appropriately increased to reduce the settlement.

The high-strength non-shrinkage grout should be pumped and poured before its high working function disappears. It must not be delayed for too long. The self-compacting surface clear water-reinforced grouting of each car should be completed within 30 minutes from the beginning of production to the end of pouring. The communication of pumping is not easy to interrupt for too long.

Usually, the grout can be constructed by the “self-weight method”. For piers that are difficult to pour, we can use the “catheter down-filling” method, also called “high-position funnel method” for pouring.

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