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How To Build High-strength Polymer Repair Mortar
Sep 13, 2018

1. Determine the repaired area. The repairing range should be 100mm larger than the actual damage range. Cut or dig out the vertical edge of the concrete repaired area with a depth of ≥5mm to avoid thinning of the edge of the repaired area.

2. Clean up the surface dust and oil on the surface of the concrete base in the repaired area, and remove the loose parts.

3. Clean up the rust and debris on the exposed steel surface in the repaired area.

4. The concrete base layer in the cleaned repair area is chiseled or treated with a concrete interface treatment agent.

5. Clean the surface of the concrete base in the treated repair area with a gas pump or water. No water should remain in the next process.

6. Mix the high-strength repair mortar according to the recommended mixing ratio of 10-20% (weight ratio) to ensure even mixing.

7. Mix the high-strength repair mortar to carry out plastering. The thickness of one plaster should not exceed 10mm. If the plaster layer is thick, the construction method of layered multiple plastering should be adopted.

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