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Polymer Repair Mortar Construction Characteristics
Sep 13, 2018

1. Convenient construction: good construction and easy performance. No vibration is required during construction, and it can be used by adding water and stirring at the site;

2, early strength, high strength: 1 day compressive strength up to 20Mpa, can speed up the progress of the project;

3, strong impermeability: good impermeability, 1.7Mpa impermeability water impervious to water, in line with P16 concrete impermeability requirements;

4. Good bonding performance: If the concrete interface treatment agent is used, the bonding strength with the new and old concrete is more than 1.8Mpa, which can ensure the tight adhesion between the high-strength concrete repairing mortar and the repairing base layer to the greatest extent;

5, can be constructed in winter: polymer repair mortar allows the outdoor temperature of the concrete structure to be installed on the facade, water level and top surface when the ambient temperature is above -5 °C;

6. Durable: There is no obvious change in strength after 50 freeze-thaw cycles, and the strength is increased after soaking for 30 days in the oil.

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