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Polymer Repair Mortar Construction Method
Sep 13, 2018

1. Base layer requirements and treatment: The surface of the base layer should be smooth, rough, clean, free of oil, no floating ash, and should not have sand, hollow drums, cracks, etc. Rinse with high pressure water and keep it moist before construction, but no water. When the interface is bonded, the interface treatment agent can be applied in advance.

2. Material preparation: The powder material: water is weighed and placed according to the mass ratio of 100:13. Pour 90% of the actual amount of water into the powder and mix well. Then pour the remaining 10% water into the mixture and stir without agglomeration. The prepared slurry should be used up within 0.5-1 hours.

3. Construction: Firstly apply the interface treatment agent evenly on the surface of the wet concrete base layer (A: B = 3:1). The construction area of the polymer repair mortar should not be too large, and the construction should be staggered and divided into sections. It should not be more than 10 square meters, and the interval between staggered construction should not be less than 24 hours. When stratified construction, the seams should be staggered from each other.

4. After the polymer repair mortar is paved, it should be pressed immediately and smoothed once. It should not be repeatedly pressed. In case of air bubbles, it should be punctured and compacted, and the surface should be dense. When the thickness of the surface of the façade or top surface is greater than 10mm, it should be layered. The thickness of each layer should be 5-10M, and the lower layer can be constructed when the previous layer is touched.

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