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Whether The Shrinkage Grout Can Be Added Separately
Sep 19, 2018

Many projects now use non-shrinkage grouting, concrete, cement and other reinforcing materials. Although these materials are the same as reinforcing materials, the material materials are different between the three, and the effect is different, so it is cut during construction. Do not mix and use to avoid harm.

For example, the non-shrinkage grout is made of special cement as the binder, and the high-strength material is selected as the aggregate, supplemented by high fluid state, micro-expansion, anti-segregation and other materials. If cement is added during construction to replace the high-strength non-shrinkage grouting amount, the aggregate in the original high-strength non-shrinkage grout will be used unevenly, thus failing to achieve the original effect.

The concrete material is the same as the cement material. The different materials are mixed together to achieve the desired effect, but it will have a negative impact, because they are all finished materials, and the mix ratios are prepared in advance according to the ratio. Do not break the balance in the material.

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